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Updated: May 7, 2020

Hello! I'm so glad you found your way to my blog. Welcome, I'm happy to have you. I'm kicking things off with a little bit of background about who I am, where I come from, and how I ended up here... on the screens of your computer or smartphone devices.

I grew up in Maryland, at first on the outskirts of Baltimore city then up in the country. The biggest result of this? People in the country make fun of me for my accent and people in the city... well they also make fun of me for my accent. I have two amazing parents who continuously inspire and motivate me and a younger brother who is way more hip than I will ever be. At our family home now, we have our oldie dog, a 13 year old cockapoo, and two perfect little Shichon puppies. I love them more than life itself.

Growing up, I never had a ton of friends. At 24, I can confidently look back and realize that I was a very weird kid. But I digress... By the time I reached high school I had narrowed down my passions in theatre, writing, and pageantry. I starred in high school and community theatre productions throughout high school, dabbled in the world of self-publishing (please do not look up that book, it's really bad!) and focused all my efforts on competing for the job of Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen. I competed twice for the title, placing as high as a semi-finalist.

Following high school, I attended the University of Maryland to get a degree in Psychology. Now, to be fair, psychology isn't the major I went into school with. In fact, it wasn't even the second or third major I declared... it was the sixth! That's right, I am living proof that you can change your mind in college and still get a degree in four years. I do look back on that time fondly though, as it contributed to a well-rounded education and I was able to take classes in subjects like English, Psychology, Science, Mathematics, and American Studies. I truly got my money's worth. Now, my love for pageantry didn't end when I started college. I went on to compete for the title of Miss Maryland many times. I failed to take home the title on my first and second attempts; but my third attempt? Well, I lost then too. But don't cry for me! I am so much MORE thankful I lost than I would have been if I won. Yes, you read that right. Each loss taught me more about myself, my motivations, and the kind of person I wanted to be. And I can admit that at times I was a very sore loser, but even those times were important experiences in my development. I needed to go through that to realize that's not the kind of behavior I want to display. I came out of college with a four year degree, published thesis, amazing friendships, and a series of pageant failures and I was a much better person for it.

Now, I am preparing to head to Boston University to pursue my Ph.D. in Developmental Science where I will study the developmental affects of early adversity on cognitive processes. In simpler terms, I plan on studying how stress can affect a kids ability to remember things or regulate their emotions. I haven't competed in a pageant in some time now, but I haven't closed that door in the future. After all, I have one year of eligibility left to win a Miss America title! I spend most of my time now cooking new recipes, reading, or hiking with my lovely boyfriend. Coffee is as important as oxygen to me and fuels me as I go through my days teaching English to my students in China, working as a full-time research assistant, helping my friends prepare for their pageants, running my community program Learning to Love, and, yes, reigniting my passion for writing through this blog.

Thanks for reading and embarking on this journey with me. I can't wait to watch this community grow. I already love all you caffeine-addicted queens.

Until next time...


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