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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I am getting very excited for my upcoming move to Boston! For those of you who do not know, I will be heading to Boston in August to start pursuing my Ph.D. in Developmental Science at Boston University. I am unbelievably excited. Now, when I had initially envisioned the months before my big move I pictured myself touring the isles of Marshalls and Home Goods. Obviously that isn't possible with COVID-19, but that hasn't stopped me from planning out the decorations of my future home.

You all know of my passion for all things pageantry and coffee, but my third great love in life is the one and only Amazon. Being able to order practically anything I want and have it arrive within two days? Say no more! So read on for my top home decor pics from Amazon.

1. Rustic Wall Scones

I love some good rustic decor. I love that these have lights and come with a timer so that you don't fall asleep and leave them on all night. I can picture these hanging outside the front door or even on the wall in the living room. The possibilities are endless!

Order: Here

2. Set of 4 Plant Hangers

I love having little pops of green in my home. These plant hangers are adorable and small, perfect for minor decorations which can add a whole lot of personality to a room. I love the intricacies of these handmade planters.

Order: Here

3. Mounted Key Holder

I have the worst tendency to lose my keys. Seriously, at least 15 minutes of everyday is spent looking for those darn things. One of my goals when I head to school is separating my keys. I want one chain for my car, one chain for my office, one chain for my home and/or one for my bike. I love that this comes with multiple hooks for me to take advantage of.

Order: Here

4. Bathroom Mason Jars

Ok, I am OBSESSED with using tiny jars to organize your bathroom space. Not only does it make your bathroom super cute, it's also incredibly practical. These jars are super cute and rustic and are definitely being added to my shopping list.

Order: Here

5. Throw Pillows

Now I'm not saying you need to get these exact pillows, but throw pillows are essential for a well-decorated space. You need some good throw pillows for your bed, couches, and chairs. So, it's time to get searching!

Order: Here

6. Rustic Jewelry Organizer

This might be my favorite item on my list. When you're living in an apartment, space is a valuable commodity. So, I love items that are cute but also can hide some of the clutter. Cue in this jewelry organizer. I think the rustic look of this is adorable and I love how much storage space is inside. A bonus is that it comes with additional hooks if you end up investing in more jewelry... which I probably will.

Order: Here

7. Inspirational Desk Plants

Since I'm moving for school, I'm looking to be motivated and inspired in my home space. I knew I wanted to have some small desk plants and decorations and I love that these come with these motivational statements.

Order: Here

8. Wall Decor Items

Last on today's list are these prints. I personally love the simplicity of these, but similar to the pillows you don't have to get these exact ones if you don't love them. Amazon has plenty of wall decor items that are totally worthwhile. There's nothing I hate more than bare walls. These can easily be printed and framed (check me out in the Dollar Store picture frame isle) to create a polished look in your home.

Order: Here

There are certainly TONS more decor options on Amazon, but these are just a few of my recent favorites. As you can see I love simple and rustic decorations. For those wondering, my bedroom will have white and rose gold accents with pops of green potted and standing plants. Stay tuned for pictures as this starts to come together in the fall!

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