Applying for the Ph.D. - Drafting Your Personal Statement

Applying for the Ph.D. - Blog 5

We have finally reached, arguably the most challenging part of the application packet. After our decision to apply to graduate school, we created a list of schools, aced our GRE, secured letters of recommendation and now it's time to write the dreaded Personal Statement.

Your personal statement is one of, if not the, most important aspect of your application. It's the one opportunity you get to speak directly to the application committee and tell them exactly why you should be accepted into the program. It's your chance to sum up your many qualifications, experiences, and interests and tie everything off with a neat little bow.

For most people, the personal statement is a source of extreme anxiety.

But you guys know I've got your back! I'm breaking down what to include in your statement, tips for success, AND I'm even giving you a look into my successful graduate school personal statement! That's right, I'm pulling back the curtains and resurrecting the exact personal statement I submitted to Boston University which earned me one of four incoming slots in the Developmental Science Ph.D. program. I've also included a FREE template to help you as you're preparing to write your own personal statement.

So without further ado...

There's also a couple things you want to leave OUT of your personal statement. Specifically, your personal statement is likely not the place to talk about and personal or family experiences or diagnoses. Leave the cliche's at home (everyone is going to school because they want to "help people" and remove any unnecessary verbiage. You want to keep it short, sweet and to the point.

For those of you that learn best by example, make sure you check out my very own personal statement and download my FREE Personal Statement Guide for Success.

Finally, I'm sharing the top tips I learned from my own experience as well as the advice I got from my mentors, friends, colleagues and more. These tips are sure to make your personal statement stand out from all the rest.

If you are applying to a Ph.D. stay tuned for the final blog of the Applying for the Ph.D. Series: Submitting Your Application and Moving On.

Until next time...


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