August Affirmations Challenge

Wow, can you believe it's already August? It's hard to believe we have officially spent half of this year locked up indoors. I truly hope you are all doing well and staying safe/healthy.

Full disclosure: this year has been hard for me. It's been a roller coaster of unexpected twists and turns. What was supposed to be my last few months with my family at the University of Maryland turned into rushed Zoom calls and an improper goodbye. What I thought would be an excited transition to grad school in Boston was a battle of uncertainty as I waited to hear whether I would be having classes and what they would look like.

Things are starting to settle down for me -- and I hope for you too. I've adjusted a bit to this "new normal" At least for the next few months, I know what my life is going to look like and I'm prepared to meet the challenges that will come. Still though, it's become increasingly obvious to me that self-care is more important than ever! You may recall that last month I started July Journaling challenge where I challenged myself to journal every day of the month.

Did you join me? How did it go for you?

This month I'm continuing my self-care challenge with an August Affirmations challenge. Check out the affirmations I'm going to tell myself below. I encourage you to use these or create your own and start taking better care of yourself this month!

  1. August 1st - You are worthy of love.

  2. August 2nd - You have already achieved great things and will continue to do so.

  3. August 3rd - You have a circle of support around you.

  4. August 4th - You are intelligent.

  5. August 5th - You are unique.

  6. August 6th - You have passions that you embrace on a daily basis.

  7. August 7th - You are capable of inspiring those around you

  8. August 8th - You have preserved through times of trouble and have shown strength.

  9. August 9th - Your dedication will lead you to success.

  10. August 10th - You will not stress about things you cannot control.

  11. August 11th - You are capable of forgiving yourself for your past mistakes.

  12. August 12th - You are the author of your own story.

  13. August 13th - You are still growing.

  14. August 14th - You are manifesting abundance and prosperity.

  15. August 15th - You can achieve anything with dedication and perseverance.

  16. August 16th - You are contributing great things to this world

  17. August 17th - You will respect yourself and expect the same of others.

  18. August 18th - You will give only kindness to the world.

  19. August 19th - You can achieve your goals.

  20. August 20th - You are a good mother/daughter/sister/wife/friend.

  21. August 21st - You are worthy of your own love.

  22. August 22nd - You may not always be happy and that's ok.

  23. August 23rd - Your life can go anywhere you want it to go.

  24. August 24th - You are capable of managing your money in fun and exciting ways.

  25. August 25th - You will find success in your dreams.

  26. August 26th - You will not let fear hold you back from your goals.

  27. August 27th - Your potential is limitless.

  28. August 28th - You are brave even when uncertain.

  29. August 29th - You will be thankful for the great things in your life.

  30. August 30th - You will be grateful for the great people in your life.

  31. August 31st - You will talk to yourself with kind words and thoughts.

Until next time...


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