Book Review: The Maidens

A little plot hole never killed nobody... except it did.

I wanted to love this one. The mixture of psychology and greek mythology spoke to two of my favorite things. Unfortunately, I struggled with both the structure of the novel and the plot itself.

Mariana is a group psychotherapist coping with the tragic loss of her husband. When her niece, Zoe, calls to share that her friend Tara has been murdered, Mariana launches into her own investigation of the crime - an investigation which involves a shady professor, a psychic student with a crush, a strange Greek-mythology inspired cult, and a less-than-polite doorman.

This book is built on chapters that don't last more than three pages which left the whole thing feeling a bit disjointed and hard to invest in. It took me a good bit of time to get interested in the plot. Then, I suspect in an attempt to keep the reader guessing, several potential villains are introduced. Ultimately, this left for an unfulfilling ending.

I had two real complaints about this book. My biggest issue was with the character of Henry. Henry, one of Mariana's patients, ends up following her to Cambridge. Without giving too much away about his storyline, I will say that I struggled to identify his significance. Why was this character at all necessary? He in no way furthered Mariana's development as a character and ultimately did not contribute to the overall plot at all. He was entirely unnecessary.

A secondary frustration was the character of Fred. Though he was endearing, I found the romance between him and Mariana to be incredibly rushed. Their interactions were surface level at best until all of the sudden their relationship took a dramatic romantic turn. I felt like I got whiplash! And in the end, I felt there was no clear ending for these two characters. Their story was left entirely unresolved.

If, like me, you enjoy Greek mythology and psychology, this mystery might be a good choice for light reading. While I wouldn't consider it a true page-turning thriller, it's not bad if you're in between series or in for a long plane ride. Ultimately, the unresolved story lines and unnecessary plot points prevented this from being more of a winner in my book.

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