Holiday Gifts for the Student in Your Life

Since starting my undergraduate degree just over 6 years ago, I've asked for school-related holiday gifts every year! If you're shopping for a loved one who attends college or graduate school, check out these gift ideas which are sure to make them happy!

Tech Gifts

  • iPad | I recently invested in an iPad and will never go back! The ability to highlight and make notations on PDF's is awesome for students! As a visual learner, I love the ability to use my iPad to keep my notes organized and colorful.

  • Tablet pen | If you're going to be using a tablet, a pen is a must-have. Apple Pen's are the go-to for many people but I have had great success with this cheaper Amazon alternative.

  • Second Monitor | Having a second monitor makes studying so much easier. I primarily use my monitor when taking notes on a recorded lecture or running data analyses. It's great to be able to have your assignment on one screen and your notes on the other.

  • Wake Light Alarm Clock | I just ordered this for myself recently and while I haven't had the chance to use it yet, I am so excited! This alarm clock which simulates natural light is supposed to be great for those who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder or waking up in the winter months.

  • Bluetooth speaker | Whether your loved one studies to classical or rap, they need a quality speaker in their life.

  • Laptop microphone | During this time of online class, it is so important to have quality sound when giving presentations. I love having an external microphone so I don't have to constantly ask "Can you hear me?"

For their Desk

  • Mugs | Nothing makes me happier than a quality mug! I plan on putting together a post on all my favorite mugs, but for now, here's an inspirational one to get your loved one off her couch and working hard on homework.

  • Coffee Warmer | I've tried a couple of different coffee warmers and this one has been the most effective. It keeps my coffee warm for hours and automatically turns off when I remove the mug.

  • Keurig one-cup coffee maker | I initially planned to purchase this one-cup Keurig for my office on campus; however, due to the pandemic, I won't have access to my office for a while. Still, though, this is a great option for those in dorms or anyone who needs an easily accessible coffee maker

  • Desk Organizer | I purchased this because of how cute it was. Admittedly, I sometimes get annoyed by my pens falling out the sides, but it's still an effective place to store paperclips, pens, post-its, and more.

  • Notepads | You're more likely to take notes if your notebook is cute, right?

  • Highlighters | Highlighters are also a great resource for visual learners. These pastel highlighters are all the rage right now.

  • Whiteboard | I have the hardest time keeping track of my priorities if I don't have them sitting in front of my face. A whiteboard above your desk is a must-have.

  • Laptop stand | This laptop stand has definitely helped with my posture. I use it to prop up my laptop to a comfortable position and to level it with my second monitor.

  • Portable laptop desk | This has been one of my latest purchases and I'm obsessed. After so many hours at my desk, I needed the ability to have a change of scenery. This allows me to work from the couch, my bed, the floor, wherever!


  • Loungewear | Comfortable clothing is essential for online classes. Lately, I have been loving matching sets like this one.

  • Skin-care | Doing a facemask at night is one of my favorite ways to relax when I've been stressed out over school.

  • Slippers | Ok, so everyone has these slippers and it's no wonder why. They are the most comfortable slippers I've ever had. Mine recently wore down so I might be adding them to my own Christmas list.

  • Robe | I honestly love hanging out in a big comfy robe and slippers. A fleece robe is a necessity.

  • Spa Headbands | I hate having my hair fall in my face when studying so these headbands are perfect. I also use them when getting ready in the morning or doing facemasks.

​Happy Holidays my loves!

XO Arcadia

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