How to: Improve your Scientific Communication

Updated: Sep 13

Admit it, there's nothing you hate more than having to listen to a dull academic talk! It's boring, and it hardly inspires interest in the research. Lately the term "Science Communication" has been such a buzz word in my life and I've found myself reflecting on how important it is for graduate students to truly know how to communicate their research effectively.

So here are some of my favorite tips for creating engaging presentations:

  • Rehearse your script enough so that you don't have to read word-for-word

  • Open your talks with a "hook" like a demonstration or an anecdote

  • Make your figures colorful and engaging

  • ALWAYS scaffold down your results so that they are easily understood.

  • Be mindful of your tone. No one likes a monotone presentation.

  • Work through stumbles! It's possible your audience didn't even notice the mistake.

For more presentation tips, check out some of my recent Insta posts!

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