How to Study in Grad School: COVID Edition

Can you believe it's already almost time for my first midterm of graduate school?! Time flies!

For most of us pursuing degrees from higher education the library is a sacred place around midterms. Its a magical environment with enough silence and coffee to help you actually focus during an overnight bout of studying. Unfortunately, COVID has shifted the way a lot of things look this year and that includes studying. No need to fear, though. I've compiled my best tips for all of you #WFH'ers to help you study and ace that next test.

  1. Switch up your location.

  2. Take breaks. I recommend the BeFocused app. It sets a timer so that after every 25 min of work you can have a 5 min break!

  3. Get outside. The weather might be getting colder but even just five minutes outside can help to clear your head.

  4. Limit distractions by turning on "Do Not Disturb" and turning off the television. I like to remove my phone from my desk too so I won't be tempted.

  5. Reward yourself. Don't let that hardworking go unnoticed!

  6. Increase your workouts. Getting in some daily exercise can help keep the mind clear, reduce anxiety, and improve your ability to focus

Well, that's all I've got for now folks! This post has been short and sweet but I do have an exam to study for. Best of luck to all you students of #ZoomUniversity You've got this!

Until next time...


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