How to Use Scrivener for Academic Writing

So if you couldn't tell already, I LOVE writing! My days are spent drafting blogs, research manuscripts, or writing novels. And as someone who spends most of my days in front of a keyboard I can be pretty picky about my writing software. So today, I'm breaking down my secret weapon for successful writing: SCRIVENER

I find that Scrivener is the best tool for staying focused and organized, which - for me - is essential for success. Research papers have dozens of papers cited and are often written out of order (i.e. Methods first, then Results, then Introduction) so Scrivener is a perfect tool to keep all your documents in one place that is easy to visually understand.

Personally, my favorite features are split screening and composition mode. I love being able to have the article I'm referencing next to my manuscript as I'm writing. And as someone with ADHD distractions can seriously slow me down; so, I appreciate that composition mode will stop all notifications and block out my desktop, including the time clock, entirely! Check them out:

Split Screen:

Composition Mode:

I start using Scrivener at the start of my project. I use it to block out my lit review into sections and always save the papers I'm referencing in my Research folder. Then, I break my actual manuscript into chunks and take advantage of all of Scrivener's features to help me write efficiently!

If you're interested in checking out Scrivener for yourself it's available for purchase here!

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