Staying Motivated in Graduate School

Imagine this: after weeks of working hard in your classes you've got yet another assignment due this Friday. You sit on your bed after a long day in Zoom lectures and the tv remote taunts you. You practically sink into your mattress, as if at any moment the thing will swallow you up entirely. And the truth is, you wouldn't mind. Being cacooned in your bed permanently doesn't sound all that bad.

You've been there, I've been there, we've all been there.

Burnout is real and it impacts us all. I especially have a hard time focusing in the summer when the warm weather is taunting me through my windows! It's days like those where I need extra school motivation. Covid has especially left many of us struggling to keep going.

If you’re having a hard time getting out of the bed, try some of these ideas to keep yourself going.

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How to get motivated for grad school
How to get and stay motivated for grad school:
  • Accept that how you’re feeling is normal

  • Plan rewards for yourself after you reach your semesterly/yearly goals

  • Find a study buddy or group

  • Time your breaks to avoid getting distracted or lazy

  • Always take time each day to do something you enjoy

  • Keep your study/work space clean and well-lit

  • Work with your advisor or mentors to create deadlines to hold yourself accountable to

Struggling with depression and what I've termed "burnout syndrome" sucks and the struggle is even harder during the pandemic, but you are not alone! Try out these hacks and let me know if they help you find success in school.

Until next time...


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