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Can you guys believe it's June?! We lost the entire season of Spring while binging Netflix during Quarantine. We went in wearing winter coats and we're coming out wearing bikinis!

I love summer. From days on the beach to outdoor happy hours with my girlfriends, nothing makes me happier than a warm day and some good company. I've been spending my quarantine working out, drinking more water, and taking better care of my skin. Now, I'm ready to step back into the world looking like a brand new person! So of course I needed an amazing summer wardrobe to help me look as good as I feel.

Zaful has been having some amazing sales recently and I couldn't resist checking out their site. Zaful is known for their swimsuits so, of course, I added some of those to my cart along with a few other pieces. Check out my thoughts below to see if I would recommend any of these options!

Floral Ruffles Knotted Mini Skirt - Green M

The fabric on this skirt isn't the best, but it's super cute! It is a bit longer than I had expected but I think that makes it incredibly versatile. Can easily be paired with a blazer for a professional look or a cute, cropped tank for something a bit more summery and fun. I would recommend steaming it after you receive it to help the fabric lay a little smoother. I ordered this skirt in a medium green, but it also comes in red and leopard.

Final Verdict: I kept this skirt!

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High Cut Plunge Bikini Swimsuit - Pumpkin Orange M

Upon buying this I was really excited for it. Unfortunately, I think your girl is a little too well-endowed in the booty department. The top of this suit was pretty supportive and really flattering. (It made me look like I wasn't flat-chested, so that's a win!) However, the bottoms were just a little too cheeky for me. They cut a little close to the crack area for me and just showed too much skin for me personally. If you're looking for a thinner cut bottom or if you have a smaller booty than I do this suit might be a better fit for you. I ordered this suit in a medium orange but they also have blue, green and lilac

Final Verdict: I returned this suit!

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Striped Knotted High Cut Bikini Swimsuit - Multi-a M

This swimsuit is definitely fashion-forward and super cute. Out of the swimsuits I bought it was the most supportive. While the others might feel more comfortable for tanning, this felt durable enough to actually go into the water. The stripes were pretty flattering and I loved the color. I ordered this in a medium with the blue top but they also have a yellow and white top option.

Final Verdict: I kept this suit!

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Neon Plunge Front Closure Bikini Swimsuit - Hot Pink M

Okay, given my complexion, I was a little worried to buy a hot pink swimsuit but I actually loved this. The buckles are a really nice little detail and the front closure of the top is super helpful. The color isn't quite as neon as the pictures so I'll feel comfortable wearing this with a tan (real or otherwise) I ordered this in a medium pink which is their only color.

Final Verdict: I kept this suit!

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Flower Applique Button Up Mini Skirt Set - Sun Yellow M

Lately I've been really eager to try some 2 piece sets, so I figured I'd give this skirt set a try. The skirt was definitely a bit fuller and the flower straps were adorable (although, admittedly thin). Ultimately, this was a cute set but was very obviously not my style when I put it on. I might recommend this for someone younger or more outgoing than I am. I ordered this in a medium yellow but they also have purple, pink, and white.

Final Verdict: I returned this set!

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Ruffle Tie Shoulder Mini Dress - Light Sky Blue M

I wasn't expecting much with this dress but I was pleasantly surprised. It is SO cute. The tie shoulders are adorable! This dress does run a little short. I might wear it as a bikini coverup or out for a date night. I ordered this in a medium blue which is their only color.

Final Verdict: I kept this dress!

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