Titleholder Spotlight: Diamond Coleman

Our second official titleholder spotlight is Diamond Coleman, Miss Crossroads to America from Indiana!

About Diamond

This beautiful girl is a midwest traveling model who promotes self care online and is a proud sister of Zeta Phi Beta. She is a recent college graduate and is eagerly pursuing her career ambitions right now!


Diamond recently graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Political Science. In the future, she plans to pursue higher education by getting a Masters Degree in Public Policy. She's currently working for her local county government and hopes to get into embassy work in the near future.

Service Work

As a sister in Zeta Phi Beta, Diamond is involved in over 70 ongoing community projects. In 2017, Diamond started her own mental health initiative and coauthored a 1.3 million dollar policy for mental health and wellness resources at her Alma Mater. Currently, she is planning on transitioning this initiative into a registered non-profit organization!


Diamond loves singing during the talent competition. With only a limited time to speak with the judges and audience, she believes that talent is another opportunity to express her emotion and passion.

Follow Diamond

If you're interested in supporting this girl on her journey to the crown check out her social media accounts! @missindiana_misscrossroads and @d_coleman0013

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