Titleholder Spotlight: Haley Wheeler

I'm so excited to kickstart my titleholder spotlight series with Miss Bowling Green Haley Wheeler! Haley will be competing for the title of Miss Kentucky very soon!

About Haley

This gorgeous girl leads a double life as a local Miss America titleholder and a Youtuber! She manages her schoolwork as a 2nd year graduate student while also keeping her 20,000 Instagram followers up to date on the latest fashion and fitness trends. When Haley applied to be featured in my Titleholder Spotlight, I took a glance at her insta and HOLY CRAP this girl is gorgeous! She definitely has me inspired to step up my instagram game! Haley also isn't new to the pageant stage. She's been competing for six years and last year she placed 1st Runner Up to Miss Kentucky! How amazing! I'm definitely rooting for her to take home the title this year.


Haley is studying speech-language pathology at Western Kentucky University where she is specifically studying aging, memory and cognition. Haley plans to use her education to craft therapy plans before returning to school to obtain her Ph.D. Luckily, Haley's participation in Miss America has been furthering her career goals by providing her with around $15,000 in scholarships. Incredible!

Service Work

Outside of her schoolwork Haley keeps busy in her community. After watching her Pawpaw struggle with Alzheimers, Haley committed herself to bridging the gap between the younger and older generations in order to support those who are battling degenerative diseases and help find a cure. What's so special about Haleys community service is that it also relates to her career ambitions!


Haley grew up playing piano but was never classically trained. Initially, she performed piano for her talent during competitions, but made the decision to switch things up her third year of competing. That year she performed as a vocalist and made it into the semi-finals for the first time! She credits this as the year that she really broke her out of her shell. Obviously judges appreciate her skills and confidence because last year Haley was a preliminary talent winner at Miss Kentucky!

Follow Haley

Haley says that her favorite part of competing in Miss America is the camaraderie! She loves being able to mentor younger girls who are first getting involved in the program. If you're interested in keeping up with Haleys journey to Miss Kentucky follow her on instagram @haleybwheeler

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