Titleholder Spotlight: Preetcharn Saund

Our third official titleholder spotlight is Preetcharn (Preet) Saund, Miss Montgomery County from Maryland!

About Preet

Preet is all about music! Not only is she a talented musician but she is also a music educator and an advocate for diversity in the arts. Throughout her career she has earned prestigious positions at the Kennedy Center, the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Philharmonic at Strathmore, and at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. She currently serves as the Chamber Director at the Potomac Valley Youth Orchestra. In her free time, Preet can be found hiking, crafting baked goods or staying active in the gym.


Thanks to the $3,200 in scholarships she has received from the Miss America Organization, Preet is currently pursuing her second Bachelor's degree at the University of Maryland. She previously graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance and is now pursuing an additional specialization in Music Education. After graduating, Preet hopes to have a full-time career as a middle school music educator while also serving in a local symphony orchestra.

Service Work

As a South Asian woman, Preet always felt like the odd man out in her orchestras and had little support from her family. Finally, Preet performed a traditional Indian song on her cello and her family was finally able to understand her passion. The music really helped to bring everyone together! Since then, Preet has been advocating for diversity in the arts.

In 2019, she launched a scholarship program, Resonate, to provide music education opportunities for underpriveleged minority youth. The scholarship includes a year-long instrumental rental, private lessons, accessory packs, educational classes and performance opportunities!


If you can't tell already, Preet is one talented lady. In fact, at last years Miss Maryland competition, Preet took home the preliminary talent award from her cello performance earning her an additional $250 scholarship.

She started playing cello at 9 years old and hasn't put it down since. While cello is her primary instrument, she also plays 12 other instruments! Preet's talents have taken her all around the world and she has had opportunities to perform in orchestral, operatic and chamber music companies in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, California, New York and many other places.

Follow Preet

If you're interested in supporting this girl on her journey to the crown check out her social media accounts! @MissMoCoMD and @Preetthecellist. If you'd like to hear more about her scholarship program, visit @Resonate_Scholarship

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